Peter Maris


This exhibition is the outcome of an artist residency commissioned by Forestry England and Arts Council England, in which sculptor Peter Maris and artist / photographer Peter Heaton collaborate.

The result is a rich and sumptuous display of work, inspired by the formation of a very particular forest environment and how it flourishes and changes through natural processes and human activity.

The sculptures form a fresh and engaging body of work. The artist has found the opportunity to broaden his sculptural expression beyond the boundaries of conventional stone carving practice and introduce a greater spontaneity in approach and response. In these sculptures he developed new creative routes in stone and felt free to compose and draw with the chisel in a very loose and painterly manner. Colour has also been introduced, both by chance discovery and by deliberation. The natural flaws and textures of the stones are freely and readily exposed and have also given rise to imaginative and creative play in the carving process. Surface features and shapes are undercut and pierced, revealing apertures in the stone, posing references to the earth’s surface as a fragile membrane which can be broken or eroded through human activity and natural environmental processes.

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Toilet facilities available


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Disabled access

Discount code for Dalby Forest car parking will be provided in the exhibition

Indicative Price Point: ££££ (£200+) Prices available on application
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Tel: 07565 197 618


Courtyard, Low Dalby, Thornton le Dale, YO18 7LT

Further instructions: Our Residuum exhibition is located in the Courtyard of Dalby Forest.

This is located near the Dalby Bike Hire and Hidden Horizons.

Please park your car in the main car park in Low Dalby and make your way to the south of the car park. Cross the Forest Drive and make your way across the wooden bridge into the Courtyard. You will see the exhibition in front of you.


A discount is available for the car parking. This allows you access to all of Dalby Forest for the day. At the exhibition you will be provided with a discount code for your parking.

Contact Peter


Tel: 07565 197 618

Courtyard, Low Dalby, Thornton le Dale, YO18 7LT

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