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Philip Barraclough


“it’s a matter of fine lines”


Philip Barraclough is a North Yorkshire artist- who uses fine pencil lines as the basis for images of the human form and landscapes, which can often take on a life and rhythm of their own. He uses other media such as charcoal, ink, watercolour and collage sparingly.

Photographs are generally the starting point of his work and two images one of a woman in profile and a second of the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland have stirred his imagination for several years and a lot of his work is a variation on these two themes. Another inspiration is the mountain landscapes of northern England where he can often be found rough camping (with complete consideration for all aspects of nature– I might add)


He is self taught if an O level in art doesn’t count and a few lessons while taking A levels. He exhibited infrequently in London in the 1990s including at the Mall Galleries.


Career moves took him away from art for many years – but since then he has been able to work from home – and has virtually become a full time artist by default.


His artistic heroes are the English New Romantics – Paul Nash, Eric Ravilious, John Piper and David Jones.


Stylistically his work is closest to that of David Jones – although they share very different views on the world.


Of modern artists he is inspired by another Yorkshire born artist Norman Ackroyd.

He sees much of modern art as being too simple – the universe is vastly complicated.

Philip's Work

Pencil and watercolour

Further Information


Toilet facilities available

Cash, Credit cards and Paypal accepted

Off street parking available at the property

Disabled access

Artist working on site

Indicative Price Point: ££££ (£200+)
Commissions taken

Find Philip

Tel: 01653 694620

Netherby House, Huttons Ambo, York, YO60 7HJ


Further instructions: In Low Hutton Village immediately opposite the entrance to Low Hutton Park

Contact Philip

Tel: 01653 694620

Netherby House, Huttons Ambo, York, YO60 7HJ

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