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Evanna Denham


I'm a novice artist who many, many years ago, passed over the opportunity to attend Art College; much to my remorse today!But having lead a pretty stock and staid life, married, worked full time, had two wonderful children, divorced etc... I'm now a full time carer for my adult son so I still don't get enough time for producing art works but the love has never abated... so when I can, I indulge in a little art therapy, snatched moments of time... and I enjoy the focused and comfortable headspace that it affords me. As a result my art works are few and usually very bespoke and personal pieces, often completed in pencil as it's an easily accessible tool but I do enjoy other mediums including painting and collage etc. 


My goal is simply to enjoy "the moment" of creating and to express some personal feeling or message; including that of someone who is an individual, that pronounce that I do exist despite my usual social invisibility, that I do have a social conscience and that I sometimes use my work to convey both a personal and social message. What little time I have does not negate my passion for all things creative!

Evanna's Work

Further Information


Toilet facilities available


Cash accepted


Roadside parking available outside of the property

Name of piece: White A Morn 
Size: A5
Date: 1980s
Medium: Pen 
  • original - not for sale
  • Prints - £30 
  • Cards - £3
  • Postcards - £2

Indicative Price Point: ££
Commissions taken

Find Evanna

Tel: 01751 798093

Howe Green, Swineherd Lane, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 6LR


Further instructions: The Open Studio is situated in the annex building to the side of the main house

Contact Evanna

Tel: 01751 798093

Howe Green, Swineherd Lane, Kirkbymoorside, YO62 6LR

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