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Ione Harrison

Watercolour Paintings

I am inspired by the natural world around me: the sweeping vistas of the moors and wild hills; the verdant mass of meadows and hedgerows; changing light and mood - but my overall aim in each atmospheric painting is to move beyond the merely physical towards a more metaphysical or spiritual truth that is within the world around us.


Painting mainly in watercolour, I like to use vibrant colour and push at the boundaries of what watercolour can do, experimenting with other media – ink, gouache, found objects - to create texture and pattern. For example, I use imprints of fern, moss or grass – so that there is often a physical element of the landscape in a painting. 

Ione's Work

Hawthorn Tree.jpg
Hawthorn Tree,
ink and watercolour,
image size 20cm x 35cm,
£215 framed.

Further Information


Toilet facilities available


Cash, paypal and bank transfer accepted

Off street parking available nearby

Artist working on site

Indicative Price Point: £ - £££ (£1-£199)
Commissions taken

Find Ione

Tel: 07508 621515

Park House Barns, Pottergate. Gilling East, Y062 4JA


Further instructions: From Gilling East, drive past Ampleforth Golf Club and keep going for about ½ mile. You will see the studio – a log cabin – on the right, just before the main buildings for Autism Plus.

Contact Ione

Tel: 07508 621515

Park House Barns, Pottergate. Gilling East, Y062 4JA

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