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Meg Ricketts

Painter and Printmaker

Meg lives on the edge of the North York Moors, surrounded by a diverse landscape of ancient woodland, organic farmland, and wild moorland. Her inspiration comes directly from the natural world around her.

By slowing down and taking time to experience both the visible changes and the hidden or invisible details that are found in nature, she likes to record what she sees, to reveal the hidden beauty that surrounds her.

She will work from life whenever possible, starting with detailed drawings and watercolours, to get to know her subject. Then she will develop them through printmaking, such as Intaglio, Lino or Collograph prints. Often exploring more abstract ideas, including layering of prints, or partially hiding an image behind another image, reflecting her subject of the visible and invisible in nature.

Meg likes to paint using acrylic or oil paint, and often will start with brushes and move onto using a palette knife. She like the looser effect of the palette knife. It creates unexpected colour combinations and marks which mirror the colours and patterns found within the natural world.

In her latest work, she has been painting onto the rounds of wood cut from a fallen tree. She likes the concept of looking at the details in nature, through a window made from nature itself. Her work reflects her own experience of the natural world.

Meg's Work

50cm x 50cm

Further Information


Cash, Credit cards and Bank Transfer accepted


Driveway and roadside parking available

One step up to studio

Artist working on site

Indicative Price Point: £-£££ (£1-£150)
Commissions taken

Find Meg

Tel: 07969 440534

North Croft, Boonhill Rd, Fadmoor, York, YO62 7HA


Further instructions: North Croft is the last house on the right, coming out of Fadmoor, going towards Brandsdale. 

Contact Meg

Tel: 07969 440534

North Croft, Boonhill Rd, Fadmoor, York, YO62 7HA

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